Sam and Frodo Original costumes and props from director Sir Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy will go under the hammer at an auction in California on December 5.

The Trilogy Collection: Props & Costumes from Middle-earth will include memorabilia which has been assembled over the past decade by a passionate collector. The size of the collection is said to be second to only that of Peter Jackson himself.

This stunning and extremely rare collection also includes iconic props and costumes from major characters and memorable scenes from the trilogy as well as an array of prosthetics, miniatures and pre-production items originally used to bring the film franchise to life on the big screen.

Highlights of the sale at the Julien’s Auctions include Frodo’s sword Sting (with an estimate of $100,000-$200,000), Samwise Gamgee’s prosthetic Hobbit feet ($15,000-$30,000), Aragorn’s sword Anduril ($50,000-$70,000), Gimli the Dwarf’s battle axe and Gandalf the White’s staff ($50,000-$70,000).

Costumes from the three films will also be part of the auction.

In advance of the auction a large number of the items will be displayed at Newbridge Silverware’s Museum of Style Icons in Ireland. They will be returned to the United States to go on display at Julien’s from Monday, December 2.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to give us the heads-up on this piece of news, and anyone thinking of bidding… better start saving now!

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