Andy Serkis Mo-CapWhat a busy man Andy Serkis is!  His new film studio, The Imaginarium, specializes in Performance Capture Technology, and they have all kinds of projects on the go.  Recently, Serkis and his team at The Imaginarium bought the film rights to a new book called The Bone Season.  On Monday, will be bringing you an exclusive interview with Serkis, where he tells us more about this book, his interest in bringing it to the big screen, what else he’s working on, and how Gollum remains a part of his life.  He’ll even have something to say on the question of whether or not we might get another glimpse of our favourite performance capture character, before The Hobbit movies are over…

TORn staffer greendragon (’tis I!) had the good fortune to read a preview copy of The Bone Season this summer.  It’s a real page turner.  Author Samantha Shannon has created a detailed, complex world, which offers enough depth and richness that there will be plenty to explore in future books; this first novel is the beginning of a planned series.  Even the minor flaws I found in the writing style didn’t stop it being impossible for me to put the book down – if the secret of a good story is keeping you wanting to know what happens next, then Shannon has certainly cracked that!  Set on earth – but an earth of the future, run by a race quite different from humans – The Bone Season is a tale of action, fantasy, suspense, intrigue and yes, even romance.  If you’re looking for the next series in which to lose yourself, this is definitely one to try; I suspect it will be the next big literary hit.

You can order a copy of The Bone Season by clicking here.  Don’t forget to check back at TORn on Monday 30th, for our exclusive Q&A with Andy Serkis!

[The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon is out now! To order your copy click here]

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