We’re all eagerly awaiting The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and just what exactly that magnificent dragon will be like on the big screen has long been a question on our minds.  Of course, we saw quite a lot of Smaug in the Desolation trailer – but it seems like Peter Jackson and his team may have given us a crafty hint about the mighty worm way back at the very beginning of the first Hobbit movie…

Take a look at this:

smaug logo


That’s the opening WB logo which can be see on the DVD/Blu-ray of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  See what is in the clouds just to the left of the WB shield?  That’s a dragon, right?

Here’s the standard WB opening to the right, together side by side with this Hobbit one, where we’ve outlined the potential Smaug in red.  Staffer Arandir thinks there may be a thrush to the right of the shield, too…

WB logos

What do you think?  Are we just seeing things in the clouds?  Or was there a sly suggestion of what was to come, hidden in that opening moment?  Maybe you spotted this months ago – or maybe you see something else we haven’t seen!

Let us know your thoughts!  And in case you’re still pondering, here’s another look: