DragonCon CosplayWith thoughts of Bree-town still dancing in their heads, the company was sure they’d make this the best day yet. Panels were streamed with the powerful crystal slab, Middle-earth’s daunting history was made more easily digestible by resident historian Larry, Lord of Festivities.

Parts of the company whiled away the afternoon, and into the evening played exciting table-top games, crafted by the logistic smiths of the mighty Cryptozoic. They shared the good tidings with any and all who sought to go on exciting adventures with Thorin and Company and recreate the glories of an Age long past.

However, a body can only take so much Cryptozoic-induced euphoria without fuel, so they packed-up and headed to dinner with fellow Ringers! If ever there was a setting like Bilbo’s pantry the night before an adventure this was it! They ate, drank, made merry, and sang the pantry song for all to hear.

Drums in the deep sounded from within the bowels of the inn, a calling from some unknown cavern. The Company set out to find the source. What they discovered was altogether unexpected. A vast hollow underneath the building opened to them, filled with the sound of laughter, the boisterous song of the peoples of Middle-earth making merry, irrespective of race, age, or creed.

Thranduil had shown up, adorned with strands of bio-luminescent moss and goggles that shutter the sun and shade the eyes. He danced like the Eldar of old, as if Ilúvatar himself were watching.

Dwarves had hewn this dance chamber, and dwarves dancing there were. From thumping their feet in time, to causing a howling ruckus. They even caused Thranduil to spill his wine, but such was the sense of camaraderie that, in an uncommon show of friendship, he laughed it off and called for more!

When the revelry was over, and the hobbits put to bed. The company, with their newly acquired friends, recalled fond memories of legends by playing a final table-play of Cryptozoic’s Hobbit before retiring.

Are there dark clouds on the horizon? Is there a chill in the wind foretelling a change in the weather? Find out in tomorrow’s installment of “Cryptozoic’s Lost Tales” on The Road to Dragon Con!

Doug Brochu.

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