theonering_logo_2012-sm-color‘Tis pledge season here at!  You may have noticed the new ‘banner’ at the top of the homepage, letting you know about our fundraising drive.  Often at conventions, staffers get asked about how great it must be, being paid to attend conventions, organize line parties, go to film screenings, etc.  While those events are of course all fabulous, no one at TORn is ever paid a penny.  Everyone gives their time 100% volunteer, and in the past, whenever TORn has made any extra money, it’s been given away to charity.  We’re all about good times, good causes and good people.

But all these good times come at a price, and TORn is in need of your help!  If you enjoy the website, please consider supporting us.  There’s always been a ‘donate’ button on TORn’s homepage; during our Pledge Drive there are specific pledge levels (and rewards!) which are listed in the top banner.  Look out for posts this week telling you more about how and why to support!

Right now, we want to let you know that we have an exciting AUCTION going on over at ebay.  We have some pretty fabulous, exclusive pieces up for grabs – and we’ll be adding to the auction over the coming days, so keep checking back for some things which, usually, money can’t buy!

Stay tuned for most posts detailing some of the items up for sale – such as a copy of ‘Children of Hurin’ signed by Christopher Tolkien and Alan Lee!  Meanwhile, if you just can’t wait to snag an exclusive collectible, click the link below to check out the auction – and thanks in advance for your support of the website forged by and for fans of all things Tolkien!

Check out our full list of auction items!