The Hobbit theatrical Blu-ray
We’ve known for a while that there would be an Extended Edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Warner Bros.’ press release back in March, at the time of the release of the Theatrical Edition DVD and Blu-ray, said that the Extended Edition would be ‘available just in time for the holidays’. Now we’ve learned that this extended cut has been given a rating by The Motion Picture Association of America. Their bulletin (seen here) gives the movie the same rating as it had in theatrical release, PG-13. But here’s the interesting part – in theatres, the PG-13 rating was for ‘intense fantasy action violence and frightening images.’ Here’s what the rating says for the extended version:

‘Rated PG-13 for extended sequences of intense fantasy action violence, frightening images and fleeting nudity.’

‘… and fleeting nudity.’ Now that is something to ponder. A glimpse of the dwarves wrecking Bilbo’s bathroom? A scene where Bilbo leaves his house in such haste, he forgets more than his pocket handkerchief?! Being serious for a moment, what could this be? My best guess is some dwarvish high jinks; what do you think?

Thanks to ringer spies kirkempk and An anonymous Ringer for bringing this to our attention!

TORn Staffer Demosthenes adds:

I think there is one possibility from The Hobbit that could fit the situation of fleeting nudity — when the Company bathe and wash their clothes in the Anduin after the Eagles drop them at the Carrock.

After that they stopped pleading. Then they took off their clothes and bathed in the river, which was shallow and clear and stony at the ford. When they had dried in the sun, which was now strong and warm, they were refreshed, if still sore and a little hungry. Soon they crossed the ford (carrying the hobbit), and then began to march through the long green grass and down the lines of the wide-armed oaks and the tall elms.

Queer Lodgings — The Hobbit.