317452_10151345142866968_795361712_nAs we announced the other day Asmus Toys has announced they will be making 1:6th figures based on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Well, last night via their Facebook page they gave a preview of the character chosen to lead off their line of figures and that character is none other than the Morgul Lord himself. When will we see this figure? According to the preview on May 20th the Morgul Lord will show himself and fans can begin ordering. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Asmus Toys as they’ve announced via their website that their plan is for five years worth of figures with 20 figures already in production. These figures will be broken down into four different categories: Heroes of Middle-earth, Man of West, Army of Mordor, Armors in the battlefields.

Below are the full descriptions of each line from the Asmus Toys website:

Heroes of the Middle-earth will be the premier line of important characters. Presented by well know heroes such as Aragorn, Gandalf…etc, who will be built in top quality head sculpt, realistically accurate clothing, and mixed media accessories. Each hero will have its own custom base, and together they will be puzzled into a huge battle field diorama. Also, heroes don’t necessarily have to be the good guys.

Man of West and Army of Mordor will feature the soldiers from both side of the force. Some of the familiar faces we see in the movies but not as important as the heroes. Examples like Uruk-hai, Orcs and even Merry and Pippin.

Armors in the Battlefields is a series of products that will contain only the armors, weapons and clothing. Collectors can use whatever figure body you have at hand to custom a figure in a relatively cheaper price, in this way, collectors can put together an army in affordable budget. Examples such as Gondorian soilders, Orc armors..etc