TV3 reports that Park Road Post’s film laboratorylogo_header is closing, after more than 70 years of  processing New Zealand made films and playing a part in many of the country’s most successful movies. The lab, which processes stock 35mm film, was purchased by Sir Peter Jackson and partner Fran Walsh in 1999 from the government-owned national film unit, and became part of Park Road’s Post Production facilities. The Lord of The Rings trilogy was processed for a total of $7 million, at the expensive rate of a dollar per foot of 35mm film stock – a price which few filmmakers nowadays can afford.

“If you’re shooting digitally…once you’ve got your camera, once you’ve got your memory card or memory stick then really there’s no cost, or very little, and that’s one thing that’s driving people away from film and more toward digital,” says laboratory employee Brian Scadden.

The article goes on to say, ‘Kodak and Fuji are the world’s largest producers of film stock, but because filmmakers are using digital more and more, Fuji’s already stopped and Kodak’s future is in doubt.’  [Read More]