As you know by now, we’ve just started our 2013 edition of Middle-earth March Madness. With a field of 64 combatants, chosen by our staff (aka selection committee) we’ve had some interesting match-ups that are very close and others that are surprise blow-outs.

With nearly 3000 votes in each match-up, here are some story lines with one more day of Round 1 voting…

Huans Leap_Ted Nasmith

The Shire Division

By far the closest match-up is between the great hound (8) Huan and the hasty (9) Quickbeam. There seem to be some strong opinions on this match-up, so we urge you to educate yourself on each character. [Huan Description] [Quickbeam Description]

All the other current leaders in this division are working out pretty close to their seeding. It will be very interested to see if (9) Quickbeam will face (5) Treebeard, or (8) Huan will face (6) Luthien!


The Erebor Division

As expected, the battle between dwarven brothers, (8) Kili and (9) Fili is a close one. Currently Fili has a slight lead, but this could change at any moment! Last year’s victor (16) Samwise Gamgee is having no problem with the infamous (5) Balrog of Moria, and the closest match-up remains (13) Boromir vs. (4) Beren.

Beorn with Gandalf

The Mordor Division

In a bit of a surprise, (15) Faramir is giving (2) Beorn a run for his money. Faramir is currently holding 52.5% of the vote and this could be our first major upset of the tournament. The other close race has the historically polished (10) “Bullroarer” Took holding steady over her evil magnificence (7) Shelob! (1) Smaug is easily roasting (16) The Watcher in the Water, but there is another upset in the works as (11) Fingolfin seems to have a significant handle on (6) The Great Goblin.

meriadoc brandybuck - Google Search

The Angmar Division

Did (16) Denethor ever really have a chance against (1) The One Ring? Sure doesn’t look like it as The One Ring holds 90.03% of the vote! (9) Glorfindel may have been sent by Elrond to help (8) Frodo Baggins escape the Nazgûl, but he seems to be holding the slightest of leads over this Ringbearer with 50.06% of the vote. That is a match that is living up to the seeding – who will win?! In another surprise, brave (10) Merry seems to be reliving his Battle of the Pelennor Fields ‘assist’ against (7) The Witch-king of Angmar, holding 61.99% of the votes.



We hope you are enjoying our second annual March Madness competition and encourage you to vote often! [Vote in Round 1] [Round 1 Bracket]