dweeb-company-bwAnnouncing the *last day* on a special fan-driven fundraiser for the upcoming comedy  THE THROBBIT, being created by Tim Richardson and produced by Kiran Shah (delightful actor and scale double for all the hobbits in LOTR, among many other great fantasy roles like NARNIA)! The guys who brought the funny with DORK OF THE RINGS are ready to spoof “The Hobbit” in grand style — here’s your chance to support their remarkable parody.  Starting pledges at $5 are affordable and easy! You can help make THE THROBBIT happen full-tilt!


SOUTH BEND, INDIANA – Award-winning independent film company Richardson Productions has 1 day remaining for the online fundraising campaign for our 12th feature-length film entitled “The Throbbit,” a parody of the wildly popular HOBBIT franchise. We also produced “The Dork of the Rings,” which screened worldwide at film festivals and fantasy conventions.

Please consider being a sponsor starting at just $5, every little bit helps and this is the final push. You can see all our amazing level rewards and details at http://rpstudios.net/thethrobbit/throbstarter/

You can pay there by credit card, or mail me a check.money order: Richardson Productions 26065 Kirkland Dr. Edwardsburg, MI 49112. Just e-mail me the amount if you pay by check/money order so I can include your sponsorship in the tally before the end of the campaign.

The production, which has an all-volunteer cast and crew, is offering levels starting at $5.00 which will help with the costs of making the film: sets, costumes, puppets, make-up, on-set meals, marketing, and more. In exchange for contributions, backers receive signed DVDs and posters, digital downloads movies and music, credits in the film, and pieces of memorabilia. KiranWe have launched our “Throbstarter” (like Kickstarter) campaign on our website at www.thethrobbit.com and hope to reach $3,500 or more by March 1, 2013. Filming takes place this summer and the finished film will be released in 2015.

We are also pleased to announce that London based film actor Kiran Shah has once again joined our cast and signed on as an Associate Producer. Kiran recently acted in “The Hobbit”, “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Lord of The Rings.” Other films include “Legend,” “Titanic,” “Return of the Jedi” and more. He starred as Dumpy the Houseschmuck in our recent film “Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise.”

For questions contact us at thethrobbit@gmail.com and visit our website at www.thethrobbit.com