breakfast teaSome readers may already be aware of the delicious teas – Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend, Gandalf the Grey Herbal Tea and Hobbit Meadow Mint Herbal Tea – available from Mint Brook Meadow Teas.  Our good friends there are supporting The One Expected Party and providing tea bags for our Afternoon Tea Buffet!  We recently caught up with the folks at Mint Brook Meadow Teas to find out more about their adventures in Middle-earth tea making; here’s what they had to say:

Tell us how Mint Brook Meadow Teas got started. 

Mint Brook Meadow Teas began when two dairy farmers were looking for a way to supplement their income because the price for milk continued to drop. People have always loved to make tea from the mint that grows wild along the creek banks here in Ohio, and they decided to see if there was a market for it commercially. The idea gradually caught on in local markets and the line was expanded to include blends of other herbs as well as black and green tea.

What made you decide to create ‘Hobbit Teas’ – have you always been fans of Middle-earth?

The dream for Hobbit tea was born when the director of the company, Dante Tropea, had the opportunity to hear the music of Howard Shore performed in Cleveland Ohio. He has been a fan of Lord of the Rings and all things Hobbit since his childhood, and thought it would be fun to be involved somehow. His creative gears started turning and he thought if there was anyone who could provide a quality tea worthy of Hobbits it would be a tea farmer. And by the way, we would love comments at our website as to how other people first came to love The Hobbit. Please let us know.

What makes your teas particularly ‘hobbity’? Do you think the inhabitants of the Shire would enjoy your teas?

Our Hobbit tea line includes mint as well as other herbs, which we grow here on our farm. As you know, hobbits are fond of all things grown in the earth and they love to work in their fields and gardens.  I think the habitants of the Shire would really enjoy having a cup of Hobbit tea for breakfast and second breakfast and all throughout the day!

Would hobbits approve of your business style? (Do employees stop for second breakfast?!)

We are in the middle of Amish country, which is not that different from Hobbiton, so I think the hobbits would feel quite at home if they should ever stop in! Our favorite part of the business is farming, which I think the hobbits would find very agreeable. The employees do enjoy stopping for a “second breakfast” of tea and pastries on occasion!

You have some lovely artwork on your boxes – can you tell us about the artist and the design?

The art on our boxes is not the work of just one artist, but rather a compilation from a number of young art students who love Middle-earth as much as we do.

Do you think the Professor himself would approve of your teas?

We can only hope. If there is any of our teas a ‘good English person’ should like, I think it is our Bilbo Baggins Breakfast tea. This is a black tea with orange peels and cinnamon.  [greendragon says, as a Brit and fervent tea drinker, I can confirm that the Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Tea is superb!]

Do Mint Brook Meadow Teas make other teas besides the Hobbit Teas?

Yes, we have our own brand of nine different teas. They are listed at

Any plans for any further Hobbit Teas?

We are planning to expand the line of Hobbit teas in the near future. Any suggestions for new blends?  You can send us ideas at


Thanks to our friends at Mint Brook Meadow Teas for supporting The One Expected Party!  It’s not too late – buy your ticket here!  And you can order teas to go with your second breakfast – or elvenses, luncheon, dinner, supper… – here.