Born of HopeMany of TORn’s readers will have seen the online movie Born of Hope.  This film, conceived and created by fans of Tolkien and of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, and which tells the story of Aragorn’s parents, has had literally millions of views. If you aren’t yet one of the many fans of Middle-earth who have experienced this labour of love, you can watch it here.

The film’s director, Kate Madison, and lead actor Christopher Dane (who plays Arathorn), are joining us for the fun at The One Expected Party!  We’re delighted that they’ll be there, and we’ll be sure to get them to stop and say hi on the live stream from the event!  So if you’re watching our live stream from home, or if you’re joining us at the party, look out for Kate and Christopher!  It’s not too late to buy your ticket, here – we hope to see you in Hollywood!