Greetings all and a very happy new 2013 to Hobbit and LOTR fans across the world! With a special day upon us signaling a fresh start on the calendar, we wipe our bleary eyes and turn on the camera to host our live TORn Tuesday webcast straight from the aftermath of our Producer’s knock-out all-nighter party at the W Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. We have news about THE HOBBIT: AUJ dominating the box office worldwide in its 3rd week in theatres, and soon Oscar season will be in full swing! We will talk about our upcoming special ONE EXPECTED PARTY Oscar shin-dig you can attend to celebrate a very special evening of Hobbity goodness! Our show begins *live* at 5:00PM Pacific Time, and features a live built-in chat room (Barliman’s) here on our Live Event Page. You can also watch via Stickam here.