Thanks to HarperCollins Publishers for sponsoring this amazing giveaway to promote the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles: Art & Design.

The 40 Randomly Selected winners are…

Robb B. – NJ, US
Deana B. – California, US
Talytha B. – South Carolina, US
Peter B. – LA, US
Carmelita B. – NJ, US
Joshua B. – IL, US
Jody C. – UT, US
Mike C. – Utah, US
BreeAnn C. – CA, US
Debbi C. – CA, US
Natalie D. – Ut, US
Judy D. – IL, US
Ryan F. – SC, US
Pete F. – MI, US
Morgan G. – MN, US
Randi G. – MD, US
Kimberley G. – AL, US
Megan K. – Ontario, Canada
Logan K. – Ca, US
Xavier K. – Montana, US
Landon L. – AR, US
Maura M. – NJ, US
Roland M. – Washington, US
Clare M. – GA, US
Timothy M. – , US
Adam M. – ma, US
Joshua M. – VA, US
Donna M. – New Jersey, US
Georg N. – New York, US
Sophia P. – WI, US
Kenneth R. – MS, US
Erik S. – Maine, US
Robert S. – Illinois , US
Elizabeth T. – Alabama, US
Miranda T. – British Columbia, Canada
Garret W. – GA, US
Sheri W. – Tn, US
Brett W. – Az, US
Jeffrey Y. – NY, US
Kay G. – Texas, US

Congrats to you all – you will be getting an email soon with confirmation of your prize. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Don’t forget to order your copy of  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles: Art & Design today! [Click here]