IMAX theaters around the USA will be giving out limited edition hand-drawn prints at the 12:01 showings while supplies last. The four gorgeous monochrome prints, reminiscent of the beautiful Alan Lee sketches that graced the credits of “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” depict Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin and Gollum. You can find a list of theaters participating in the giveaway here. To find a midnight showing Line Party where you can watch the movie with fellow fans, check out TheOneRing’s Line Party site here (also accessible in the drop down “Community” link on the Home Page). Also, check out the other three prints after the break. Line up early, line up often!























  1. Ryan Munchinsky

    It would appear that whoever created the posters didn’t take the proper time to write the elvish, particularly the vowels. The best I can make out is:

    Teh Hobibt
    Na Nue?ee?ctd Jonuey

    It seems to me that all the vowels got shoved over to the left side of the words. The same text with correct vowel positions:

    The Hobbit
    An Une??ected Jouney

    My suspicion is that poster people were given the artwork, and someone in marketing added the text without doing much research on the elvish characters and modes. It’s a shame, as the pictures are so beautiful.

  2. AustindPowers

    so do people seeing it in HFR realD 3D at midnight get them? or just the standard frame rate IMAX people?

    • hutch

      Standard because Fairbanks is participating and they don’t have HFR.

      • AustindPowers

        that doesn’t really tell us anything. we’d need a theater with HFR but not IMAX to be participating or not in order to figure it out.

  3. Next time you wanna write something in Tengwar, please call David Salo first. The vowel placement is not consistent through the whole text. (sometimes it’s above the preceding and sometimes it’s above the succeeding consonant) Also, the letter i in the word Hobbit is placed completely wrong. I won’t even bother to go into details on the second line of text which is an absurd nonsense. I know writing English using Tengwar is not easy (since Tengwar is a phonetic alphabet), but if you can’t do it properly, then don’t do it at all. I hope you can correct this before it goes to printing. Or is it too late?

    As previously mentioned, this should have been written in runes, since The Hobbit is rather about Dwarves than Elves. I really hope I won’t see such mistakes in the actual movie.

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