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Listen to the full Hobbit soundtrack on Empire!

November 13, 2012 at 8:56 am by Demosthenes  - 

Yesterday Peter Jackson and team unveiled Neil Finn’s song from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Today, Empire has the full soundtrack for your listening pleasure. Listen, enjoy and get a taste of what we’re in for come December 13 when the film hits screens. Note: this stream is working — we have confirmations from readers in both the USA and the UK. It does seem to be finnicky though, and we’re not sure why. We can only wish you the best of luck when you click to listen!

Click the cover image below to visit Empire and stream the soundtrack!
Hobbit soundtrack special edition

Assistance with getting the OST soundstream working

This requires a little bit of technical nous, but not too much.

These things usually run on plugins, so I figured it was either down to Adobe Flash … or Sun Java. I think it’s actually the former. So ensure your favourite browser has the latest and greatest version of Flash installed (it’s good security anyway!) and then restart your browser.

Some broswers — Mozilla Firefox for example — allow you to check your plug-in status through the Add-ons menu. You can check and update your Flash here on the Adobe website.

Wishing you all the best of luck. (OST sounds terrific btw!)

Posted in Hobbit Movie, Howard Shore, The Hobbit on November 13, 2012 by
Source: Empire

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17 responses to “Listen to the full Hobbit soundtrack on Empire!”

  1. zeynep topçuoğlu says:

    I’m sure the album is going to be amazing. And I hope it will be worldwide soon.

  2. Gage Love says:

    Do you think the movie opens with Gandalf in Dol Guldur, finding Thrain, getting the map and key and escaping?

  3. Terrormaster says:

    I was excited until I learned you have to listen to the whole album in one chunk. You can’t skip tracks. You can’t even jump to different time points in the stream. I can wait till it comes out to listen to the other stuff. The only thing I would like to hear in full “right now” is Blunt the Knives and Misty Mountain.

  4. Michael Dunn says:

    The music is so ominous at the beginning, so I’m going to guess yes!

  5. This is another great example of PJ’s way of promotion. Giving us little bits of production to keep us fans coming back for more and building for the big event.

  6. No, I feel like I’m definitely hearing some dwarven male chorus. My bet is that we see the sacking of Erebor first thing (after some time with Frodo and Bilbo). That’s the most important history piece to set up this story.

  7. vincanss says:

    It’s very ‘Fellowship’ like isn’t it? Which is a good thing I think.

  8. DavidHollinger says:

    The opening theme has a very Kazad-dum/Balrog feel to it. Considering that Smaug, being a dragon, has a distant connection to Morgoth – could it be a connection between the two great evils?
    Or it could just also be kind of a Dwarven-style chant.

  9. mr me says:

    Maybe. As we know, in all 3 LOTR films, he starts them with something from the past.-Last Alliance-Gandalf vs. Balrog- smeagol to gollum.

  10. mr me says:

    certainly sounds dark and adventurous

  11. Shieldmaiden of Rohan says:

    It’s all so good!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I can’t wait!!

  12. Unfortunately I learned the hard way you couldn’t skip through this – it resets your listening point to the beginning – and then it reset when it got to the hour mark, so I have no way to finish listening unless I start over for a third time when I get home. Oh, well.

  13. Shieldmaiden of Rohan says:

    It’s all SO good!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Just missing Blunt the Knives.

  14. William Proctor says:

    The music is great!

  15. David Chipman says:

    I was disappointed at how short “Over the Misty Mountains” was. I was really hoping for the full poem…

  16. I wish there was a way to save this to listen to it later. Where I use the internet on my laptop I can’t have the sound on. :-/ Dang it.

  17. herbert says:

    You can actually download the soundtrack here and not have to suffer through the broken flash player. Plus you can skip between tracks.

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