Fellowship of the Rings live with orchestra in Paris. October, 2012.
Fellowship of the Rings live with orchestra in Paris. October, 2012.
Ringer Oxo attended a screening of Fellowiship of the Rings live with orchestra in Paris on Thursday, October 25 and sent us this report, as well as some spine-tingling clips and a few photos!

The show was already performed in France but it’s the first time in Paris. For me, it was the first time I went to le Palais des Congrès and the place is wonderful. A very beautiful amphitheatre with comfortable seats and a very welcoming people inside.

First good point, despite the price of the ticket (between 50 and 130 € ) the place is quite full (I guess almost to 90%). Second point, there are 200 people on stage between players and singers and third the program sold 10 € very interesting with texts from Doug Adams.

Proof that Sauron’s forces were at work, the conductor, who came on stage, went out quickly, has forgotten the score. Fun fact, the score was in a red book. First images of the prologue come on screen and the players start to play, Sound is perfect, emotion is here and on some tracks chills run over the body.

What a pleasure to discover the Hobbit Theme during Bilbo’s Birthday and through their journey in the Shire. The creation of the Fellowship and Isengard full of darkness played and sung by 200 people. Emotion was real when the singer Kaitlyn Lusk sang Aniron, same crystal voice, same intensity, same chills. Howard Shore won Oscars for the Trilogy and by listening the orchestra playing it with all the power that needed we understand why.

The movie was shown in theatrical version. And it’s kind of weird, after seeing the extended version, not to see some scenes like Galadriel’s gifts. There was an intermission, just after the Council of Elrond. I would prefer to see the movie in one part but I understand the need of a break, for players and viewers.

The audience was moved when Gandalf falls into the depths of Moria after his fight against the Balrog or when Boromir dies defending Merry and Pippin against the Uruk-hai.

To finish this review, after May It Be and the ends credits, the audience made a standing ovation and show to all the artists how was amazing their performance.

I went out under the shock of such power, still broken by the destruction of the Fellowship but with stars in my eyes. Can’t wait now for the fight between The Two Towers and the Return of the King!