Greetings from Welly-moot, the Tolkien Society chapter in Wellington: “This is primarily an announcement for anyone who was in the queue at Wellington’s Embassy Theatre last night and went away thinking you were the unluckiest little hobbits in the Shire. Have I got news for you!

“Through the help of Sir Peter Jackson and Matt Dravitzki and also Sarah Meikle of Positively Wellington Tourism, tickets to the 48fps, 3D, Atmos sound, main auditorium, first day midnight screening have been provided for those dedicated fans. Members of Welly-moot were also among the disappointed last night, and one of those members, Jack Machiela, has volunteered to try to track down people who were in the line and get those tickets to them. According to Sarah Meikle, this will be a very exciting party – apart from the obvious reasons – and she does not want those die-hard fans to miss out.

“So, if you were one of those 50-60 people in line (or know someone who was and have been listening to them crying all day), get in touch with Jack at, tell him where you were sitting, and enclose any photos you have of yourself in the line. They won’t be able to give out large numbers of extra tickets; expect one or two tickets per person. This is a big job Jack has taken on, but he is one very big fan who wants things set to rights. Our Jack, however, is nobody’s fool, and the few who have contacted him through other sites with ‘I was there in spirit, can I have a free ticket, too’ are wasting their time and his, and I know nobody here has time to waste – we all have line party costumes to make.

“Peter Jackson has always said that the making of these films has been about the fans, and he is one of them.  I’d say this is what you’d call walking the walk.”

Cheers, Lissuin

Tehanu: Guy from Prague and your friend, I’ve got your back. Here’s a pic of you both – now contact Jack with a corroborating photo and he’ll get you your tickets. Four Spanish-Speaking Latino-Looking Guys behind me – I noticed you but didn’t get a picture. You were the last in line. Hope you have a pic of yourselves – maybe I can verify it for Jack.

Also if the Stansborough guys got pics of anyone modelling their Gandalf cloaks and scarves – see if they have those pics to prove you were in line.

Guy from Prague at the Embassy
Guy from Prague at the Embassy line pary

Next to me in line at the Embassy
Next to me in line at the Embassy 

People next to Tehanu at Wellington Line Party
People next to Tehanu at Wellington Line Party
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