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Tickets on sale today, go join a Line Party

November 7, 2012 at 4:58 am by Garfeimao  - 

It is November 7 and in a few short hours, tickets will be on sale for most of the theaters in the US and Canada that will be showing The Hobbit. This will include many of the Regal and AMC theaters we’ve recently reported on that will screen the film in 48fps. The Trilogy screenings the weekend before The Hobbit opens are also on sale today. Before you go and buy tickets to see The Hobbit, take a look at our Line Party page and see if there is one near you. And if there is no existing Line Party near you, feel free to start one at whichever theater you buy your tickets at. Right now, there are some 40+ Line Parties, including a party in Bulgaria, Curucao, Mexico, Helsinki and Auckland, as well as across the US. Hey Canada and Australia, whats up with NO Line Parties? TORn staffers are leading parties in Boston, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Hollywood, Allentown, Irvine and other locations, but anyone can host a Line Party. So click on the Community button, select the Line Party option and get to planning your own little shindig. All you really need to know is the actual address of the theater to get it pinned onto the Line Party map. [Line Parties]

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The Floor Plan from WETA Workshop

7 responses to “Tickets on sale today, go join a Line Party”

  1. mmmaxi says:

    Australia doesn’t need line parties, they have so thoroughly killed the excitement of fans here with the delayed release date that tickets went on sale quietly last night at Hoyts and today at Events and there’s still plenty left for all sessions. Just jump on the website and book what you want. I think most fans here are feeling so left out of the countdown and excitement that they’re just not in a hurry to get tickets. We’ll all be thoroughly spoiled by the time Boxing Day rolls around any way, you now?

  2. Linda Turner says:

    You probably should have qualified the 9 am time by mentioning that it’s Pacific Time in the US, not 9 am on the East Coast -as I just wasted 90 minutes, a couple gallons of gas to drive to a theater that wasn’t open yet, and several phone calls to finally get thru to Fandango and be told it’s NOON on the east coast, not 9 am.

  3. Winston Smith says:

    Just want to let Denver area fans know that the UA Colorado Center Stadium 9 & IMAX does not have the 48 FPS tickets available until tomorrow. The IMAX screen will be in standard 24 fps and the is the only midnight showing. Now, I would go to the midnight in IMAX and 24 fps AND the 48 fps venue as well but my female companions do not share my geek gene and cannot be convinced to go to more than one showing. So 48 fps it is 🙂

  4. KyleBavender says:

    You should link to the line party page in the article itself… 🙂

  5. Devin Hendricks says:

    I’m hitting the midnight regular 3D version first as I just couldn’t wait for any other showings and saving the IMAX 48fps for later and then it will be even better the second time around!

  6. mary hamad says:

    you are certainly right. i can’t believe it we are the closest country to new zeland and yet the last to get the screening. we can’t find anything lotr or hobbit here we are going to nz to see if we can get hyped up.

  7. I don’t understand why the “complete” term is in “The Complete Listing of Theatres Showing Hobbit”, since there are only US theatres in that list. 🙁

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