The German fan site Herr-der-Ringe-Film has posted new pictures from The Hobbit movies that are currently on display at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The picture to the right depicts Lee Pace, as Thranduil. Thranduil is the king of the elves of Mirkwood, and father to Legolas. Here, we see him in an intricate silver costume with his head adorned by a silver crown entwined with leaves. Another new picture depicts Legolas aiming his bow and arrow towards the camera. There’s also a great picture of Elrond in armor, already revealed to be in the Hobbit movie calendar.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is billed as the largest book fair on the planet. It runs through tomorrow (Sunday, October 14), so if you’re lucky enough to be in the area, be sure to stop by. In the mean time, head on over to Herr-der-Ringe-Film and check out the pictures. Read More