Details coming soon….!!!

Update: as  hinted in the circle in the top right of the pictured magazine, The One has partnered with Topix Media Lab to produce a  beautiful collector’s edition magazine about The Hobbit. Side-bars and feature articles, contributed by TORn staff, include interviews, character and actor profiles, a comparison of the book vs. the movie, articles on games and collectibles, a wonderful Middle-earth timeline and much, much more. The magazine is also packed with colorful pictures of cast and crew members, locations, collectibles, gorgeous fan art and a few exclusives! One thing that makes this truly a collector’s edition is that there are only two ads in the entire magazine. The magazine hit shelves in the last 24 hours in stores such as Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart, but be sure and also look anywhere magazines are sold.  It is currently only available in the U.S., so be especially nice to your U.S. friends and maybe they’ll find one or two and send them along.

We at TheOneRing would like to thank all of you who come visit us an who have helped make our journey together the best fan experience ever. Following is our tribute to you from inside the magazine: “J.R.R. Tolkien wrote some of the most inspiring novels of all time. “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “The Hobbit” have inspired television specials, movies, musicals, and now, this magazine. But this isn’t a book about The Hobbit (though there’s plenty of coverage of Peter Jackson’s upcoming films). This is about you, the fans. has covered all things Tolkien for more than ten years, and was forged for fans, by fans. This tribute magazine is created in that spirit.