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Hobbit extended edition unconfirmed?

October 7, 2012 at 9:28 pm by greendragon  - 

As Pippin would say, ‘What is going on?!’  On Thursday we reported that Warner Bros. had stated, in a press release, that there would be an extended edition Blu-ray and DVD for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey later in 2013.  Now, Warner Bros. have issued another official statement:

‘In the recently distributed calendar included in the Warner Bros. 90th Anniversary press kit, there was an erroneous mention of an Extended Edition release for The Hobbit film. This product has not been confirmed yet and we apologize for any confusion.’

So it’s officially UNconfirmed.  But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  It’s just not confirmed as happening. Yet.  Watch this space…

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14 responses to “Hobbit extended edition unconfirmed?”

  1. Jeff Bradley says:

    i still am more interested at this point in when are they announcing the theaters showing the movie in High Frame Rate 3D?

  2. Gimli1981 says:

    Not cool. The more Tolkien on screen the better. I hope it happens anyways.

  3. LabrynianRebel says:

    Eh, maybe it was just outdated information before the 2 movies became 3.

  4. marki-t_39 says:

    have faith, I’m sure it’ll happen.

  5. setnaffa says:

    I’m sure it will be based on first weekend ticket sales…

  6. jamie_ncsu2007 says:

    that’s kind of what I was thinking.

  7. Rasko says:

    at gamescon 2012, peter jackson said that there surely will be an extended version of the three movies. check youtube videos

  8. The “extended editions” are now what we get to see in theater to begin with. That’s how they expanded 2 films into 3.

  9. arildnordby says:

    I would assume that making the decision to go from 2 to 3 movies, much of the material originally intended to go into EEs will appear on screen. Thus, during the hectic editing processes going on, it is probably still too early to establish whether anything of the footage not to be included is enough to call it an Extended Edition of the released movies.

  10. Bizzquik says:

    They want to make sure we double-dip with our blu-ray purchases. They don’t want us holding out on buying the theatrical version when we know the extended edition won’t be far behind.
    So..”Whoops, sorry. Erroneous information” so that then after the blu-ray comes out they can announce the great, unexpected extended edition then.

  11. Er1c1990 says:

    Maybe it was a marketing error? WB surely wants to sell the theatrical version first before cashing in on the Extended Edition a second time later on. IMO this looks like Damage Control because most people would wait for the EE to come out.

  12. Jmacq1 says:

    That’s my thought. With three movies for one book, an “extended edition” is kind of superfluous as we’re already getting the “mega-extended” edition.

  13. This is for profit. If it is confirmed too early that there will be an extended edition, no one will buy the theatrical edition. Therefore, waiting until the theatrical edition is released then 2 months later announcing an extended edition makes for more profit.

  14. pixyboy says:

    There will be extended editions 100%, they just want to make sure people buy the theatrical releases first. I’m fine with that 🙂

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