Our friends at LEGO have all those nifty LOTR brick sets you can construct and video games are in our future but now word comes of a Hobbit game you play on your tabletop. Below is the information direct from LEGO and a way to play along on Facebook. Look for the game at retail outlets starting today.

“From the LEGO Games collection that can be built, played, and changed to create a unique gaming experience every time comes The Hobbit Game from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey move hitting theaters Dec. 14th. Bilbo Baggins lives in the quaint village of Hobbiton, but today his comfort has been shattered by the arrival of 13 Dwarves. They have convinced Bilbo to embark on a most unexpected journey. But first Gandalf, along with the Dwarves Dwalin, Kili and Fili, must find the other ten Dwarves who are lost in the Hobbit holes of Hobbiton. Features buildable dice, microfigure characters: Gandald, Dwalin, Kili or Fili, and LEGO building instructions.

· Ages 7+

· 2-4 players

· Available Oct. 1st.

· SRP: $34.99

The epic journey of the first installment of The Hobbit is coming to the board game aisle with the launch of our very first LEGO Games The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. To celebrate, we’re launching a new LEGO® Games The Hobbit™ “Roll to Win Giveaway” on our LEGO Games Facebook page! Beginning Oct. 8th, fans get to roll a virtual dice for the chance to win prizes, including a grand prize package featuring the new board game, all new LEGO The Hobbit™ construction sets, LEGO Games’ own “Host a Family Game” kit and two movie ticket vouchers to see the real journey in theaters.”