October madness has landed and Weta Workshop has unleashed the first wave of collectibles for The Hobbit: An Unexpectd Journey. Weta released 19 items today with several of them being in-stock so that collectors can start the path to a hoard of their own Dragon’s gold. A few of the things you can order right now are: Art Of The Hobbit (Special Edition) Bilbo Baggins statue, Gandalf The Grey statue (change out hat), Thorin Oakenshield statue, two versions of Thorin’s Map, The Hobbit Art Print, The Key To Erebor and more. Some of these items will go fast so make sure you jump on them now before they vanish! Full List of items released today and pictures after the break:

THEONERING.net CONTEST: Thanks to our great friends at Weta Workshop, we’ll be giving away two separate items to two lucky fans of Middle-Earth: The Key to Erebor and Thorin’s Map Parchment Art Print. Starting today through next Saturday, October 8th, we’ll be taking entries sent to Elessar@theonering.net with the subject line Key to Erebor Contest for the Key, and Thorin’s Map Contest if you would like to win the map.  Please send separate emails for each contest. One entry per contest per person please. In the body of your email, please tell us your name, email contact and shipping information. The contest is open to fans of all ages worldwide. The winner will be chosen at random – one winner per item. Good luck!

1.    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Chronicles: Art and Design $40
2.    Thorin Oakenshield Statue $250
3.    Gandalf the Grey Statue (Change out hat) $250
4.    Bilbo Baggins Statue $200
5.    Balin’s Mace $250
6.    Dwalin’s Axes $400
7.    Knife Of Fili the Dwarf $125
8.    Knives of Nori the Dwarf $125
9.    The Key to Erebor $30
10. The Key to Erebor Sterling Silver Pendant $125
11. The One Ring – Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide (without Elvish runes) $99
12. An Unexpected Journey Art Print $50
13. Thorin’s Map – Prop Replica $199
14. Thorin’s Map – Parchment Art Print $30
15. The Contract of Bilbo Baggins – Prop Replica $449
16. Map of the Shire – Parchment Art Print $35
17. Floor Plan of Bag End – Parchment Art Print $30
18. Map of East Farthing – Parchment Art Print $25
19. Map of Wilderland – Parchment Art Print $35