Jerry Vanderstelt is known by many fans of The Lord of the Rings for creating beautiful works of art capturing some of the coolest moments in the trilogy. Soonl, fans around the world will  get a chance to start capturing his amazing art work for the trilogy of films for The Hobbit. That’s right! Jerry will be creating art for the trilogy starting with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this December. If you want to see more on Jerry’s work and get to know more about him you can check out his official site and his official Facebook page.

Jerry also has a statement he wanted to pass on to fans of Middle-Earth:

“Hello fellow Middle Earth fans, Jerry VanderStelt here. As some of you know, I am a Licensed artist with New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers studios in the creation of the Lord of the Rings art reproductions. Now, I have expanded my fine art program to include The Hobbit!

My first Hobbit art piece is a montage that encapsulates key moments, characters and locations seen in the first film. After that, I plan to continue exploring new pieces that focus on either beautiful landscape scenery, character-centric pieces, or specific characters or groups of characters in various environments.

I hope to have my first Hobbit piece out of the gate by the Dec.14 in time for the film’s release. Soon, I’ll be announcing the pricing and sizing as well as the different edition options I plan to offer here in this thread. Feel free to ask any questions that may come up as we go along!”