We’ve been doing this little party for 10 years, The Hobbit has been in print for 75 years, Peter Jackon is releasing the first of The Hobbit films this year, and Bilbo and Frodo are co- celebrating their shared birthday, what better reason do you need to party like a Hobbit? This is a potluck, so bring something of your own, and be prepared to share in the feasting brought by others. Check out our Event page on Facebook, click the See More link in the description and you will see a full list of what others have offered to bring, then post a note to the event page, or email me at Garfeimao@TheOneRing.net to RSVP with what you plan to bring. Also in all that info are directions from most points in LA, including a map of the GriffithPark area. We’ve had good luck the past 6 or 7 years getting the same spot, but if our morning scouts discover the posted location is already occupied, we will update the page on Saturday morning with a new location, so you WILL NOT get lost.

 Events on our rather casual schedule will include, eating, drinking, having fun, playing games, including our now famous Golfimbul tournament, and a live reading of The Hobbit.  There may even be a surprise or two during the day. This is an ‘all ages’ event, there will be fun for everyone, so bring the family down. The sun will be out and warm, so hat, sunglasses and a bit of sunscreen would be most beneficial for your comfort, as well as maybe a blanket to sit on. Any questions, just post a note on our Facebook page or email me. We will also be tweeting from the event, using #Hobbitday and #TORn, so even if you aren’t able to atttend, look for posts and updates throughout the day from TORn staff and attendees alike.