“They were by far the most powerful of his servants, and the most suitable for such a mission, since they were entirely enslaved to their Nine Rings, which he now himself held.”

Unfinished Tales, p. 338

One of Sauron’s most powerful servants is the seventh statue from Sideshow’s growing and spectacular The Lord of the Rings statue line. This awesome statue captures of one the darker characters in the whole trilogy and illustrates one of a key scene: the moment when the Witch King stabs Frodo one Weathertop.

This statue is crafted to show the point-of-view of anyone other than Frodo (Frodo sees something very different because he is wearing the Ring.) Sideshow is expected to release the other half of this scene early next year.


Graphically the box of the Ringwraith statue follows the same path as previous releases from this series. You have the front and black panels, which are black with The Lord of the Rings and Ringwraith done in a shade of Silver. While the sides of the box you get an image of the statue from two different angles. The material of the box is different though as the past boxes have been more of a matte finish where as this has more of a glossy finish. Inside the box of course you have the protective foam with multiple areas for the many pieces that this statue comes with.


Gabriel Marquez was once again tasked with bringing a Ringwraith to life all while capturing the evil and power they posses. He was more than successful in doing this and his skills have given fans a fantastic representation of a Ringwraith. The complexity of this piece is different from his last effort, which was the Boromir statue. Obviously, with this statue you’re not looking to make polystone look like metal but you do have to give it the look of aged cloth to which is done superbly. The toughest task was having a pose give a presence of the evil/power that these minions of Sauron possess. As, I said this was done really well and the fear you get from that moment is captured within this statue. The detail and aged look in the armor that the Ringwraith does wear as well as the exclusive dagger are as well done as anything within this line. The base on this statue is also very well done with the base matching the floor and look we saw on Weathertop.


Unlike previous entries in this line you don’t have to worry about skin tone, but the task was still a challenge to help give the proper aged look to the other elements of this statue. Not only does the cloth have a cloth look but also it does look aged and dirty as the Ringwraith was on the hunt for the Ringbearer. The other area that needed to be done correctly to give the proper look was the armor and exclusive dagger. Both of these again were done superbly and match the look on screen of armor that was hundreds of years old. The base is not to be left out of the discussion for how nicely this piece is painted giving that old run down look Weathertop had when Strider and the Hobbits rested there.


The Ringwraith costs $250 from Sideshow Collectibles for both the exclusive and regular versions of the statue. The exclusive has an edition size set at only 500 pieces while the regular has an edition size of 1000 pieces world wide. There is currently a wait list for the exclusive but the regular version is in stock. Do not let a collectible as well done as this one slip by so go to Sideshow’s site right now and purchase this statue!


The Ringwraith has an edition size of 500 pieces World Wide for the Exclusive and 1000 pieces World Wide for the Regular. The dimensions for the Ringwraith are as followed: 19″ x 10″ x 11″ (H x W x D)