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Games Workshop minatures list holds Hobbit spoilers?

August 10, 2012 at 9:31 pm by Demosthenes  - 

As you probably know, Games Workshop creates tabletop war-gaming miniatures. One of the licenses it holds is for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

The clever folks on our message boards have very recently unearthed on Pastebin a list of film-related gaming miniatures that GW is set to release in the near future. This is potentially of interest not only to tabletop gamers, but also to film spoiler hunters.

It’s hard to to know far one can legitimately extrapolate from this list to scenes, and creatures, that might make it into the movies, but there is certainly heaps of food for thought here! If you want to put in your two cents, head on over to our message boards where a healthy discussion is going on about the implications.

Full list below the cut — and, be warned, plenty of potential spoilers too!

The dwarves

  • Dwarves: Kili & Fili & Longbeard Archers
  • Dwarves: Bombur with Kettle
  • Dwarves: Drogo Baggins & The Tavern Maid
  • Dwarves: Dáin & Iron Hill Berserkers
  • Dwarves: King Thráin & Longbeard Vanguard
  • Dwarves: Young Thorin & Longbeard Mattockguard
  • Dwarves: King Thrór
  • Dwarves: Dragon Mithril Company of Dwarves
  • Dwarves: Dáin Ironfoot & Iron Hill Boar Riders
  • Dwarves: Dís, Mother of Kili and Fili
  • Dwarves: Gimli (Stubble)
  • Dwarves: Samwise Gamgee (Red Book)

The wargs

  • Wargs: Dire Warg
  • Wargs: Grinnah & Mirkwood Werewolves
  • Wargs: Feral Wolf Pack
  • Wargs: The Werebeast
  • Wargs: Lagdush & Orc Wolfcloak Warriors
  • Wargs: Narzug & Orc Warg-Riders
  • Wargs: Dol Guldur Orc Overlords
  • Wargs: Orc Chieftain on Warg
  • Wargs: Orc Wolfbone Shaman

Dol Guldur

  • Dol Guldur: Leaping Spiders / Shiverfang Spiders
  • Dol Guldur: Spiderlings
  • Dol Guldur: The Willowhags
  • Dol Guldur: Bloodwraiths
  • Dol Guldur: Gwethil
  • Dol Guldur: The Necromancer / Flesh Avatar
  • Dol Guldur: Narzug & Orc Summoner Coven
  • Dol Guldur: Tomb Wights
  • Dol Guldur: Mounted Tomb Wights
  • Dol Guldur: Saruman & The Ringwraiths
  • Dol Guldur: Vampire Bat Swarms

The White Council

  • White Council: Mounted Rivendell Nobles
  • White Council: Lindir the Harper
  • White Council: Arwen & Estel
  • White Council: Galadriel (Barrel)
  • White Council: Radagast with Roäc & Swoop
  • White Council: Galadriel (Water Steed)
  • White Council: The War Council
  • White Council: Galadriel & Lórien Drumhooves
  • White Council: Chief Aravir & Dúnedain Rangers
  • White Council: Dúnedain Runecaster
  • White Council: Elrond & Rivendell Spearguard
  • White Council: Elros & Rivendell Outriders
  • White Council: Radagast’s Chariot / Spellfire Cart
  • White Council: Cirdan the Shipwright

The mountain orcs

  • Mountain Orcs: Azog & Orc Needlers
  • Mountain Orcs: Azog (Wounded)
  • Mountain Orcs: Bolg & Great Goblin Bodyguard
  • Mountain Orcs: Armoured Hill-Trolls / Frenzied Trolls
  • Mountain Orcs: Orc Stone Thrower

The men of Esgaroth

  • Men of Esgaroth: King Girion
  • Men of Esgaroth: Fram the Watchman
  • Men of Esgaroth: The Master of Lake-Town
  • Men of Esgaroth: Bard & Greystreak Bowmen
  • Men of Esgaroth: Bain & Quickstrings Gang / Trout Guild Militia
  • Men of Esgaroth: Alfrid & Loyal Town Guard
  • Men of Esgaroth: Garf & Footsoldiers of the Dale

The Grey Mountains dragons

  • Grey Mountain Dragons: Fire-wyrms
  • Grey Mountain Dragons: Braga & Goldscale Worshippers
  • Grey Mountain Dragons: Venomblade Assassin
  • Grey Mountain Dragons: Goldscale Priest
  • Grey Mountain Dragons: Bofur on Cold-Drake
  • Grey Mountain Dragons: Dragon Thrall
  • Grey Mountain Dragons: Money Bags & Hired Knives
  • Grey Mountain Dragons: Fell Hatchlings

The Beornings

  • Beornings: Woodmen Healer
  • Beornings: Fair Daughter
  • Beornings: Meneldor & Swiftbeak Flock
  • Beornings: Gorm & Woodmen Axethrowers / Skin-Changers
  • Beornings: Whisperbark / Gnarlfir
  • Beornings: Black Bear Pack
  • Beornings: Enraged Beorn
  • Beornings: Grimbeorn (Greataxe)

The Silvan elves

  • Silvan Elves: Legolas & Mirkwood Fire Archers
  • Silvan Elves: Mirkwood Warhost
  • Silvan Elves: King Thranduil (Battle Garb)
  • Silvan Elves: Tauriel (Mounted)
  • Silvan Elves: Castellan Amroth

Adventures and scenes

  • Adventure: Gandalf’s Quest
  • Adventure: The Battle at the East Gate
  • Adventure: The Fall of Dale
  • Adventure: The Belltower
  • Adventure: A Thief in the Night
  • Adventure: The Clearing of Foul Roots
  • Adventure: Assault on the Barrows
  • Adventure: Clash of the Beasts
  • Adventure: The Last Stand
  • Adventure: The Raven Hill
  • Adventure: Thorin’s Folly
  • Adventure: The Battle of Five Armies
  • Adventure: Breaking the Siege
  • Adventure: Revenge of the Goblin King
  • Adventure: Blacksoil Slope
  • Adventure: The Final Onslaught
  • Adventure: The Clouds Burst
  • Adventure: The Ritual
  • Adventure: The Haunted Tombs
  • Adventure: The Blight Breach
  • Adventure: Gollum’s Escape

And, finally, here’s a few that don’t fit into the naming pattern:

  • Frodo with Red Book
  • Smaug the Golden
  • Gandalf (Dual sword)
  • Turin, The Dragonslayer
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Games Workshop minatures list holds Hobbit spoilers? | Discuss

Daggers of Tauriel

12 responses to “Games Workshop minatures list holds Hobbit spoilers?”

  1. Holy cr*p this does hold A LOT of spoilers, WTF: ‘Bofur on Cold-drake’?????

  2. Just remember that Games Workshop has taken liberties with the original trilogy to make the wargame more balanced. So I wouldn’t expect that all of these named orcs/wargs/etc and unfamiliar troop types to be depicted in the films.

  3. Fanomir says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND there we go. Arwen is finally being made into a warrior princess. We saw this coming. Goddammit. All joking aside though, I LOVE Jackson’s movies, and am unbelievably excited for The Hobbit Trilogy.

  4. I found that last entry to be the most interesting. The only reason I can think of it being there is there will be a flashback sequence explaining where the dragons come from, and if they are adding this to the script it’s because they are trying to plant the seed for a possible adaptation of The Silmarillion. In other words they’re trying to get their foot in the door and show people they have more stories to tell.

    If the added character depth in the script serves the film well, why not let them turn the Silmarillion into a series of films too. They just need to prove expounding on Tolkien’s writings isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  5. dj says:

    Interesting, I didn’t think the Zaentz license included Turin, who is from the Silmarillion

  6. Mardragon says:

    I shouldn’t take the minatures to heart. It’s quite possible they extrapolated and created more figures for the game than will actually appear in the film.

  7. csoldier says:

    Reading comments from a ‘forum friend’ at Mithril Faerylands (Mithril Miniatures fan website) who knows someone at GW – in this insider’s words this list is Bullsh*t.
    Quote,” Whew, that’s a relief. I’ve just spoken to someone in the know at GW, and he describes the list as “a load of bullshite”. It’s apparently an utter fabrication, “but very cleverly done”.

  8. Friendly Wizard says:

    Ok why are Drogo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee under Dwarves?
    And barrow wights in the hobbit?
    I just HAVE to see how these movies turn out

  9. None818 says:

    SO glad these are fake. Though, would have liked to see a Venomblade Assassin.

  10. Artor says:

    Beren & Luthien would make for an awesome movie. It explains the ancestry of Aragorn, and has vampires, werewolves, Galadriel, and Sauron as a young maiar. I just hope they wouldn’t think of having Liv Tyler play Luthien, even though Arwen was supposed to be her spitting image.

  11. Manwe says:

    How is it said these days…
    Wow this is….AWESOME….and wrong at the same time.
    But we have to remember two things, one is that GW made just plain made up some of the units for their LOTR game, stuff that was not in the films, so they probably did the same here. Two is that some people are saying this list is bogus.

  12. Joe Graham says:

    When on earth ( middle) was Bofur on a Cold-Drake??!!
    Estel ( aragorn ) in the white council??
    Peter Jackson hmm well it will be interesting.

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