“This city was once the jewel of our kingdom. A place of light, and beauty, and music. And so it shall be once more! Let the armies of Mordor know this: Never again will the land of my people fall into enemy hands. This city of Osgiliath has been reclaimed for Gondor!

-Boromir to the Gondorian Troops after taking back Osgiliath

A son of Gondor has arrived from Sideshow Collectibles. Boromir, Son of Denethor is the sixth statue from Sideshow’s growing and spectacular The Lord of the Rings statue line. Unlike the other statues in this line this one does come from a moment in the film that you can only see if you watch the extended version. They have captured Boromir’s stirring speech to the troops upon them taking back the western half of Osgiliath.


The graphics on the box for Boromir follows the same path as previous releases from this series. You have the front and black panels, which are black with The Lord of the Rings and Boromir done in a shade of Silver. While on the sides of the box you get an image of the statue from two different angles. The material of the box is different though as the past boxes have been more of a matte finish where as this one is more glossy. Inside the box of course you have the protective foam with multiple areas for the many pieces that this statue comes with.


Gabriel Marquez was tasked with bringing this particular representation of the character to life, and he has done so in spades. Following in the complexity of the Gimli statue, this collectible brings its “A” game when it comes to detail. This is the first statue from The Lord of the Rings to show the detail of the Gondorian armor. As you could see in the films, the armor had great embossed work on the chest with the Tree of Gondor and more embossed on the shoulder piece. Another amazing aspect of this statue is the chainmail work. It is among the very best done in this scale. One area with the armor sculpt to check is the straps at the forearms; they are a bit fragile. The base on this statue is also very well done with the rubble he stands on as well as a great piece of structure you see in the background during this scene. Both of these give great representation of the beauty and destruction of Osgiliath.

Another key item sculpted, it helps along with the base, is the Gondorian flag. Instead of going with a cloth flag, which would be difficult to make look right, Sideshow opted to sculpt the entire thing. This was a great choice. It gives the feel of fluttering in the winds. Getting a likeness is obviously key to any statue and this statue captures Sean Bean in his portrayal of Bormoir superbly. A factor making the job done on the facial sculpt difficult is the screaming expression that Boromir has in this moment. Mr. Marquez was able to overcome that challenge and not lose the likeness of Sean Bean. Overall, this sculpt is as good as any in this line and one of the best sculpts of any The Lord of the Rings collectible.


The paintwork on Boromir is as exceptional as the sculpt work. Put it this way: This paint job allows the detail to come through but also allows it all to work together to make for a must-own collectible. Boromir’s skin tone is really exceptionally well done and has a great natural tone to it. A couple of trouble areas always seem to be the hair and the eyes on a statue, both of which look great and life-like. As mentioned, the sculpt job on the armor is very well done and the job done to paint it to look like metal is fantastic. It looks like armor that he’s been wearing to this into battle. Another challenge with this piece is to give the rubble both a sense of beauty and of destruction. The cherry on top of this collectibles is how beautifully done the paint-job on the flag of Gondor is. It really has an elegant feel to it and helps with the sculpt give a sense of blowing in the wind.


Boromir costs $250 from Sideshow Collectibles for both the exclusive and regular versions of the statue.  There is currently a wait list for the exclusive but the regular version is in stock. Do not let a collectible as well done as this one slip by so go to Sideshow’s site right now and purchase this statue!


The exclusive version of this collectible has an edition size of 500 pieces world wide while the regular edition has an edition size of 1000 pieces. The specifications for Boromir are as follows: 24″ x 9″ x 16″ (H x W x D)