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Sir Peter Jackson, Joe Letteri, Bret McKenzie, get top honour

June 4, 2012 at 8:00 pm by linuxelf  - 

HRH Queen Elizabeth II took the very special occasion of her birthday and Diamond Jubilee to make new appointments to The Order of New Zealand, the country’s highest honour. Among the list of distinguished men and women who have rendered invaluable services to New Zealand Queen Elizabeth appointed Sir Peter Jackson a Member of the Order of New Zealand. This accolade follows Jackson’s previous Order of Merit in 2002 and Knighthood in 2010.

Comedian and Oscar-winner Bret McKenzie was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit, adding to his long list of achievements. American born Joe Letteri, director of the Academy Award-winning visual effects company Weta Digital, was also made an honorary ONZM for his service to film. They will be joining the likes of Richard Taylor and who was knighted in 2010.

In a statement, Jackson said he was “stoked” to join the Order of New Zealand.

“To be counted in such company is an extraordinary honour and I would like to accept it on behalf of all those who work within the New Zealand film industry,’ he said.

‘The ingenuity, creativity and spirit of our New Zealand crews, and our wonderful actors, never ceases to inspire me.

‘I would also like to thank the people of New Zealand for so readily and enthusiastically cheering on a kid with a camera from Pukerua Bay. It stills feels like a hobby. I haven’t got a real job. I’m stoked,’ he said.

Read more here and a complete list of all the recipients can be found here.

Posted in Director news, Director Rumors, Miscellaneous, Peter Jackson on June 4, 2012 by
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10 responses to “Sir Peter Jackson, Joe Letteri, Bret McKenzie, get top honour”

  1. TheRoadGoesEverOn says:

    Queen Elizabeth is HM (Her Majesty), not HRH (Her Royal Highness), but congratulations to all.

  2. Eric Kinkead says:

    Now if only Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden can be Knighted I would deem it legit.

  3. Chazz says:

    Congratulations Sir Peter Jackson!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Dear Oneringers,

    The article should read HM Queen Elizabeth II and not HRH Queen Elizabeth II
    Monarchs are His/Her Majesty not His/Her Royal Highnesses in the UKGBNI and also in the Commonwealth Realms – although not in Gondor or Rohan as far as I can remeber

    Thought we should get this right as it is HM’s diamond jubilee after all

  5. Tauriel says:

    What do you mean “HRH” Queen Elizabeth II??? Her title is “Her Majesty”, so it should’ve been HM Queen Elizabeth II! Please fix it…

  6. That’s wonderful news for this Diamond Jubilee and well deserved. One small niggle – its HM Queen Elizabeth – the Monarch is always HM (Her Majesty in this case) – all other Royals below are HRH.

  7. Am just recovering from the Diamond Jubilee weekend, and was at the Thames Pageant. It’s brilliant news of the new Honours being awarded. One small point though: it’s HM the Queen, not HRH.

  8. Steve Johnson says:

    Am just recovering from the Diamond Jubilee weekend, and was at the
    Thames Pageant. It’s brilliant news of the new Honours being awarded.
    One small point though: it’s HM the Queen, not HRH

  9. Lindsay says:

    Hi to all at

    I’ll try again as my last comment did not appear.

    The correct title for the current monarch of the UK and the Commonwealth Realms is Her Majesty (HM) not Her Royal Highness (HRH). HRH is the title of a royal Prince or Princess.
    This is different from Gondor or Rohan where the monarch is addressed as Lord – IIRC.
    Conflation of titles after the middle ages in Europe ended with most sovereigns wanting to be equal to the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and so they began calling themselves ‘majesty’ rather than lesser titles like His Grace the King or The Lord King.Cheers

  10. Markus says:

    My friends at TORn. The Queen is an HM NOT an HRH. Even the BBC got this wrong this week!

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