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LOTR Fandom Loses One of its Own: Kent Elofson

May 21, 2012 at 12:51 pm by Garfeimao  - 


Here at, we are very proud of the community we have helped create, and like any community, we experience losses. One such loss occurred this weekend in Los Angeles, where the Tolkien fan community, and the costuming community as a whole, lost one of its brightest and most creative individuals. Kent Elofson died on May 18 of an apparent suicide in his Pasadena home, leaving behind a huge community of fellow costumers, all mourning his passing.

More behind the break.  

Kent was born and raised in Southern California and began his creative life at Disneyland, where he worked first in the Character department, and then moved over into the Art Department and Imagineering. Chances are that if you’ve been to Disneyland in Anaheim or Paris, that you have enjoyed a little bit of Kent’s creativity. Beyond that, Kent was an early proponent of the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire and a long standing genre costume re-creator. Amongst Tolkien fandom, Kent is best known for his Aragorn costumes, both as Strider and as Aragorn at the Black Gates. But anyone who has attended San Diego Comic con in the past decade can attest, Kent was a master costumer in many genres and across numerous media.

Kent’s connection with and the Tolkien Fandom in Los Angeles goes back to the early days of the Lord of the Rings films when he showed up to an event dressed as Strider. It was clear he was really talented, and his subsequent impact on the LOTR costuming community in LA is the richer for it. Kent helped put together our Costuming Display at our first ORC convention and was a panelist for the event. He appeared in the Ringers: Lord of the Fans documentary and came to subsequent screenings for the film to celebrate. He recently was involved in the Todd of the Rings parody as none other than Strider, seen above in green screen, and he helped create many props and decorative items used at LA Tolkien events, such as an Eye of Sauron pinata. Locals always knew they would see amazing costumes from him, but that he was also always open to discussing how someone else could achieve and actualize their costume dream.

Some of his most recent costumes include Zaphod Beeblebrox, Riff-Raff, Batman, Green Lantern, Van Helsing and more. Above are just some images of Kent and his work, and we encourage his friends and partners in costuming to post their images and memories of Kent here too. [Forum Thread] [Facebook] As yet, no formal announcement has been made regarding a memorial service.


Calisuri here – the other day a friend sent along the picture below after hearing of Kent’s passing. While it obviously features an extremely embarrassing moment in my life (I lost a bet to my wife and the Tolkien community), it showcases just how fun natured and charismatic Kent could be. For someone who took costuming to such a masterful level, it was really impressive of him to take a moment to participate in the silliness of the moment. He genuinely looks smitten with my version of Arwen right? lol –  I’m not ashamed to share this very humbling pic because it brings back some great memories. God speed Kent – you will be missed!


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LOTR Fandom Loses One of its Own: Kent Elofson | Discuss

Daggers of Tauriel

10 responses to “LOTR Fandom Loses One of its Own: Kent Elofson”

  1. Serai says:

    I recognize Luisa Puig as QEI in that photo from the RenFaire, but who was Kent playing?  I’m trying to figure out if I remember him from my years at Faire or not.  That costume is very, very familiar, but I’m pretty sure another guy wore it when I was there.

  2. Sandra says:

    Wonderful dedication Kathy…..could not have written it better….thank you, to OUR “Captain and King…”, may your spirit soar with the Eagles…..we’ll see you again, friend…..

  3. Anon says:

    May he rest in peace… I can’t believe he’s gone.

  4. Nina_glyndwr says:

    If she’s Queen Elisabeth, then maybe he’s playing Sir Walter Raleigh?

  5. Blippo says:


  6. Raevn says:

    That indeed was when he was Raleigh

  7. I couldn’t believe when I heard about this. Its very sad. Kent was an inspiration to me as a young cosplayer and was always very sweet to me. Below is a photo that I still treasure from our first meeting.

  8. paladin6 says:

    Very sorry to hear this.  Kent participated in too many Sideshow Collectibles projects for me to count at this point over a span of several years.  Its nice however to see how many people are the better for having known him and appreciated his talent.  Travel well kent!

    Tom Gilliland
    Creative Director
    Sideshow Cllectibles

  9. This is so heartbreaking 🙁 Whenever a community loses one of it’s own it’s completely heartbreaking. I never quite know what to say but I hope He and His will find peace <3

  10. Katrelya Angus says:

    Kent and I did not work directly together, but, as a TORN scholar and he as the TORN Aragorn, we made an excellent team. As a scholar at TORN conferences speaking about Aragorn, I found it good for people to go up and talk to Aragorn directly at the conferences. Kent was a perfect natural Aragorn; while I’m sure he’s up in heaven with Tolkien right now, he will certainly be missed in the Tolkien community here. I miss my wonderful teammate!

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