We just wanted to take a brief moment to remind you to share your thoughts about our upcoming ‘The One Expected Party,’ taking place Feb 24th 2013 in Hollywood, CA. In the early 2000s, we were privileged enough to host three memorable events in Los Angeles: 2002’s ‘The One Party;’ 2003’s ‘Two Towers One Party;’ and 2004’s ‘The Return of the One Party.’ The last party, which corresponded with The Return of the King winning 11 Academy Awards, was such a success the LA Times called it ‘The hottest bash in town’ on Oscar Night. [LA Times] After the break, you can see a video of some highlights from that event. [Video] ‘The One Expected Party‘ is a fan-centered celebration of all things Middle-earth, so we are looking for your help and input.  If you have any interest in the party, please take a couple of minutes and submit the form below. Thank you for your participation and we will be updating you along the way as prepare for Oscar night 2013.

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