Just in case you missed the maelstrom this week, ten minutes of “The Hobbit,” was screened at CinemaCon to show theater types the wonders of the new 48fps exhibition of film.

Peter Jackson says the negative reaction this week over new technology he’s using to shoot “The Hobbit” won’t hold him back, and he hopes moviegoers will give it a try and judge for themselves.

“Nobody is going to stop,” he said. “This technology is going to keep evolving.”

He hopes critics of the format will change their minds when they see the finished film. There are also some interesting quotes from the theater industry and it doesn’t look like the negative reactions will hurt the film’s chances of being seen as it was intended. (And really, if the industry made up its mind on 10 minutes of unfinished footage shown to journalists, the industry would be in critical condition.)

You can read what our own Cliff “Quickbeam” Broadway had to say from his own viewing at CinemaCon right here and read the Entertainment Weekly story here.

While we are sharing links, Forbes wants Jackson to know that when it comes to “The Hobbit” and 48fps, he is just wrong.