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The latest on The Hobbit pub, Southampton

April 1, 2012 at 9:44 am by greendragon  - 

This story was one of’s April Fool Jokes for 2012. Thank you for participating!

Word has reached us on the latest happenings with regard to The Hobbit pub in England.  Officials from the Saul Zaentz Company visited the pub a week ago, to ‘assess the situation’; presumably to check exactly what references to The Hobbit – apart from the pub name – there are at the venue, which the SZC claims is breaking licensing laws.  Now, in a totally unexpected turn of events, we hear that the SZC have put in an offer to buy the pub and take over management.  ‘We just fell in love with the place,’ a representative told us. ‘As we own the rights to the name, it seems right that we should own the pub itself.  It would certainly be a solution to the current copyright infringement.  Our intention is to use it in our advertising campaign for the movies.  We plan to ship the pub and all interior fittings to LA  … We hope to have it up and running there in time for the opening of the first Hobbit movie at the end of the year.’

Shipping a building, brick by brick, is certainly costly but not unheard of.  The most famous such occurrence was of course the shipping of London Bridge, in 1962, via boat to California and thence to Arizona.  There’s no word as yet to the exact location intended for the relocated Hobbit pub; TORn is keeping an eye on events in the hope that it might be a possible location for Oscar happenings next Spring!  Meanwhile, we have yet to see how the current owner – and supportive regulars – will respond to this purchase offer.  It seems unlikely that they would let their beloved local go without a fight.  As ever, we’ll bring you the latest as we hear it!

Posted in Fool, Hobbit Movie, Miscellaneous, Rumors Spy News, The Hobbit on April 1, 2012 by
Daggers of Tauriel

28 responses to “The latest on The Hobbit pub, Southampton”

  1. DLGrant422 says:

    I honestly didn’t think this could get any more ridiculous.   

    So much for working out a reasonable agreement.

    I swear, L.A. is a different planet.   The way these people think!

  2. Redbeard says:

    But if you ship it to LA will it be serving cold fizzy piss that passes for beer in the US.Will there be a limit on the amount of beer a person can consume without being issued a AA ad card?By all means buy the place but leave it where it is!!!

  3. Cory Cepelak says:

    Nice one!

  4. gata negra says:

    April Fools, eh?

  5. just wonder what J.R.R. Tolkien would say to all of this.

  6. Bob says:

    ho ho ho

  7. Warriorpoetex says:

    Just terrible … another small business to be gobbled up by Corporate interests. 

  8. Autumn Loamsdown says:

    Leave it to the 1% to think money solves everything.  So they will buy out the little guy, tear down the pup, and use it to there advantage.

  9. Sharonktaylor56 says:

    If this pub has been here for yrs.prior to the films AND had never been an infringement right to the Tolkein estate,hasn’t it grandfathered in its’ right to be a separate entity? I truly hate the way these money mongers act. They have written this as tho it’s a done deal and they can already see the money carpeting the floors! I realize this local village may not have the means to fight these giants but really! Isn’t there someone out there with more clout than the movie moguls?

  10. Jack Witek says:

    Is it just me, or are the leaders at SZC psychotic? 

  11. EGR says:

    No. Just… no.

  12. Paul B says:

    Why can’t SZC just leave it alone!  Let it be.  Take the license fee and forget them.

  13. Dan Reborn says:

    WHAT? Britain has gone to war over less and they want to nick one of our pubs?

  14. Stumblefoot says:

    This is disgusting. They “fell in love” with the place so now they want to DISMANTLE IT and move it to L.A.? This is an English pub and belongs to England’s people. It’s so clear what is being done here.

    SZC is trying to strong-arm these people. “We’ll buy the pub, or we’re going to come after you with guns blazing to the point where you can’t afford to defend yourself from our lawyers.” So, once they have the pub, they dismantle it, claim they move it to L.A., and then in a few weeks, when all the buzz has died down, The Hobbit Pub fades into obscurity and SZC looks like ‘the good guy.’

    A deception in the worst. Have you no shame, Saul Zaentz?

  15. Esme says:

    April Fools! 

  16. Sbehling says:

    april fools. nice try lol

  17. Quanah says:

    I think that’s terrible. The pub is part of the local culture. Once again big corporate business is swooping in. Leave them alone. Give them the license for cheap and call it a day.

  18. Haha, that made me chuckle 🙂

  19. Musicophiliac says:

    April Fools.  

  20. GillGalad says:

    They should just build another one instead of taking it

  21. fish says:

    Hmmm… What’s the date today?
    And it’s in the “fool” category again.

  22. Yayagal250 says:

    What arrogant jerks.  “Here, instead of us suing you out of house and home, how about we just take away your property and ship it out of the country, depriving you of your livelihood and everyone who lives in the area of a place they like to go?  How would that be?”  Typical rapacious extortionate behavior on the part of a corporation.

    I hope the owners demand a hefty sum from these leg-breakers.

  23. Brian Boru says:

    April 1st 2012? It sounds like an april fools joke.

  24. SonofLiberty7 says:

    I sincerely hope the NaSZCgul’s generosity is as epic as their arrogance.  If I were the pub owners, nothing less than a cool million British pounds — for each joint owner, and with all sale fees and transaction taxes paid for in the bargain would suffice.
    Then again, what price can one put on one’s life’s work?
    “As we own the rights to the name, it seems right that we should own the pub itself.”  What chutzpah.
    Hey, NaSZCguls, you want a fairy tale ending?   Make like Rumpelstiltskin — “Fill this room with gold…”.

  25. SonofLiberty7 says:

    Lackaday, I posted my comment in the wee hours of this morn, forgetting that the article was published the day before, and fell for their cruel jest.
    Still, I will continue to call them the NaSZCguls.

  26. I was thinking this was a bit brutish even for SZ, good on you for the joke 🙂

  27. Mishlenlinden says:

    I HOPE its a joke.  Otherwise, business has sunk to a new low…

  28. Quanah says:

    Ugh! They got me! 

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