The North Island of New Zealand has been experiencing some wild weather this week, with heavy rainfall, high winds and even some flooding affecting areas such as Northland, Taupo and Taranaki; and some folks have been wondering if The Shire has been affected.  Fear not for Middle-earth – TORn’s good friend Ian Brodie (author of The Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook), tells us, ‘Hobbiton had a windy night last night – but we are all fine. The wild weather has struck north of Auckland for the worst and has caused some flooding. Today The Shire even has sun!!!!’  So all is well in Matamata – and the latest weather updates show that the storms have passed over New Zealand, leaving just showers behind.

Of course the main location shooting has been completed for The Hobbit movies, so unless some really drastic weather hits the Wellington area, the shoot should continue unaffected.  (Remember the close escape at the end of location shooting, about which PJ told us in The Hobbit Production Video #6??)  We hope everyone on the North Island who was affected by these recent storms is safe and dry!