For those who have been following this story, here’s a quick update, as per the news on the ‘Save the Hobbit, Southampton’ facebook page.

It looks like the Saul Zaentz Company are seeking an amicable resolution:

“The SZC have stated that they would like to resolve the matter of our possible copyright infringement amicably. … They have asked that we arrange to operate by way of License and that they would grant this License for a nominal fee of $100 per annum.”

Furthermore, The Hobbit pub has continued support of some ‘Middle-earth’ celebrities:

“I [the owner of the pub] have just received a telephone call from Stephen Fry’s business partner. Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen will be visiting the Hobbit Pub sometime after filming is completed and they have even offered to pay for the license fee.”

So it looks like it will be good news all round for The Hobbit pub, as peace and order is restored to the Shire (of Southampton) once more…