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Peter Jackson’s production blog #6 arrives

March 1, 2012 at 3:21 pm by MrCere  - 

Peter Jackson posted on his Facebook page today the latest of his production blog (video blog? vlog?) featuring more of the on-location shooting. The video picks up on The Hobbiton movie set with footage from way back in October. The running time is 12:28 and as you might have guessed, its pretty cool and like the others it has high production values and is a polished bit of video blogging. Have you friended Jackson yet? It will eventually make its way to YouTube but for now, catch it on his page with the other 476,203 folks who “liked” the page. Thanks to Mithrandir for the heads up.
So now, in case you aren’t into Facebook (where you can also like and friend BTW):
You can watch the video here:

Posted in Hobbit Movie, Peter Jackson, The Hobbit on March 1, 2012 by Peter Jackson’s production blog #6 arrives | Discuss
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3 responses to “Peter Jackson’s production blog #6 arrives”

  1. LabrynianRebel says:

    Can’t wait… but must…

  2. predictivescript says:

    The dwarf in the last shot is not one of the company. Furthermore, he is surrounded by stage rocks, suggesting it is underground, and he appears to have candles built into his helmet. This might well be a flashback scene to the early days under the mountain, or even in moria, scenes from when the dwarves mined ‘too greedily and too deep’, or when they were fashioning the kingdom under the mountain. I suspect that Smaug will therefore have extra scenes in flashback, of him conquering the Lonely Mountain. I also suspect that the films will feature a lot of flashbacks: the battle with Azog in moria; Gandalf discovering Thrain in Dol Guldur; the ancient days of the Lonely Mountain, Dale and Laketown. 

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