Speaking with MTV about working with Peter Jackson on The Hobbit, actor Benedict Cumberbatch (who’s been cast in the role of both Smaug and The Necromancer) dished a bit about the work he’s done thus far on the films.

Excerpts follow:

I was in isolation with [Peter Jackson] and this incredible tag team. And at the very cool place with that technology doing mo-cap for two characters, Smaug the dragon and another character, which will remain nameless, and it was an awful lot of fun.

I spent a lot of time recording voice as well as doing movements. So, it was sort of freeing; it was fun. It was like playing a game. It’s going to be an amazing film; it’s going to be a real treat.

Catch the entire interview over at MTV. Many thanks to message board member f00 for the heads-up!