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Nicholas Cage Was Almost in LOTR…

February 2, 2012 at 12:09 pm by xoanon  - 

Allanon sends this along: Here is a link to an Empire interview with Nicholas Cage. He mentions that he turned down a role in The Lord of the Rings.

terrence green says: I’m sure you have turned down films in the past, but is there one that you have thought “Damn, I wish I took it…”? NC: The only reason why I tend to pass on a movie is either I don’t think I’m right for the material and can’t play it honestly, or because of time constraints with personal things in my life. There were two movies that asked me to go to Australia or New Zealand for long periods of time. One was Lord Of The Rings and one was the Matrix. But I was actively involved at that time raising my family and I couldn’t really take that time out. Full Transcript

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Nicholas Cage Was Almost in LOTR… | Discuss

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13 responses to “Nicholas Cage Was Almost in LOTR…”

  1. Celebromen says:

    Oh, thank Iluvatar he wasn’t in LOTR!!  That would have been a huge mistake and miscast, unless he was going to play Sauron and pretty much never speak or show his face!

  2. Peter Ritzert says:

    Nothing against Mr. Cage, but I’m very glad that he turned the role down, whichever one it was. I don’t see him being right to play *any* of the main characters. 

  3. Sandra says:

    i can’t believe he was almost aragorn..totally doesn’t fit for the role, but i guess peter jackson would have made him fit..he does miracles like that..

  4. Phoenix007 says:

    Thank god!

  5. Oh, I’m sooooo…. glad to hear this. I find Nicholas Cage’s acting excruciatingly stiff. He seems to be thinking, “What should I be doing next? Oh, be terrified. OK, put on an ‘I’m terrified’ face.'” 

    Sean Connery typically makes a film a ‘must see’ for me. Nicholas Cage almost makes it a ‘must not see.’ I’d have gritted my teeth and seen LOTR with Cage, but I’m glad I didn’t have to.I wonder what role Cage was being cast for? He’s too young to be a wizard. His face is too narrow for a hobbit, and he’s not stocky enough for a dwarf. Mention of “long periods of time” suggest he’d have been one of the major characters. I shudder to think of him as Aragorn.

  6. Pleased says:

    Thank Heavens he wasn’t….

  7. Scottryan says:

    Just thank good this didn’t happen.

  8. Tor Bertin says:

    Wikipedia suggests that the role was Aragorn…

  9. Daifred says:

    If Nicholas Cage had been put in either the LOTR trilogy or in ‘The Hobbit’ movies … that would be (have been) depressing.  He would have put the audience to sleep within 20 minutes.  He was smart to “turn it down” (if he really did) as he would not have been a good fit. 

  10. HAL 9000-MJ says:

    Sheesh, what a bunch of softball questions.  I would have liked to heard Cage offer some explanation for his recent public troubles, alcoholism and problems with the IRS?

  11. stayupthere says:

    Can you imagine him as Gollum? lolol!

  12. Emel91 says:

    peter what the fuck dude?

  13. Valdaglerion says:

    90% of Nic Cage’s films are utter rubbish. I really don’t know why he still gets work. He’d’ve been bad for the series – I wouldn’t have taken him seriously in any role in the films.

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