Below you will find new tips and tricks for video game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Developed by Snowblind Studios, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North pits a Fellowship of three – human, elf and dwarf – against the evil forces amassing in the Northern Lands of Middle-earth. Let this knowledge aid you on your adventure.

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The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is an intense Action RPG video game based on the renowned The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Through innovative online, interdependent co-op play for up to three players who form their own Fellowship, the game breaks new ground as the first The Lord of the Rings video game to embrace the gritty and brutal reality of Middle-earth. Exploring previously unseen lands, storylines and characters as well as those familiar from The Lord of the Rings film and literary trilogy, gamers experience expansive co-op gameplay and upgradeable weapons, character customization and development, skills and special abilities. Gamers must play together or perish as they work to defeat Sauron’s forces in the North. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Games for Windows.

1. A huge variety of elf-stones can be found in Middle-earth, which can be slotted in weapons and gear giving you extra abilities. Some items have multiple slots, so stack elf-stones for hundreds of unique combinations.

2. Want to learn more about Middle-earth? Keep an eye out for map fragments, which unlock the lore of locations in The Lord of the Rings that will bring the conflict in the North into greater focus.

3. War in the North is full of hidden rooms stuffed with loot. Each of the heroes can find their own unique secrets, so team up to maximize your benefits.

4. Chasing down Agandaûr and his minions is just the beginning of your adventure! Talk to characters you find in towns for exciting side-quests that can give you sweet rewards.

5. A Compass is available to show the locations of your allies, as well as the next mission objective. Access the Compass (and the mini Quest Log) by pushing down on the right thumbstick, or Q on the keyboard.

6. Ranged and melee skill attacks are fun to use, but don’t neglect your special skills – they can make the difference in a tough fight.

7. Outfitting new gear is awesome, but while you’re at it don’t miss the mirrors in each town, which allow you to change the appearance of your character.

8. Teamwork is an essential part of War in the North, so make sure to explore online play and split-screen co-op.

9. After freeing Beleram the Great Eagle, he can be called to help in most outdoor locations by using a Great Feather. Enter ranged attack mode and press A (Xbox) X PS3) to summon Beleram if he’s available.

10. Keep an eye on your item durability. If a durability icon appears on screen, visit a smith to repair your equipment, or equip another item until you’re able to visit a town.

11. Completing some missions will allow you your choice of gift. Open your inventory with Back (Xbox) or Select (PS3) and select the Gift Box to choose your gift. Make sure to check that you can equip the reward you select, as some are restricted to a particular hero or skill level.

12. Andriel’s Sanctuary spell is great for protection from enemy ranged attacks, but it can also heal, providing you a safe place to rest, or go on the ranged offensive.

13. Many looted items are usable or equippable, but some are just useful for selling to merchants for coin. When speaking with a merchant, press the indicated button to sell all unessential items.

14. If you are playing as Eradan or Farin, use your arrows and bolts wisely, as you can only carry a limited amount. Enter Ranged Mode or view your Inventory to see how many arrows you can carry. If you need more, they are available at merchants or as loot.