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Collecting The Precious – Sideshow Collectibles Legolas Statue Review

November 14, 2011 at 9:28 am by elessar  - 

As we start to close down 2011, Ringers get another new item to add to their shelves. The Legolas Greenleaf statue is shipping right now from Sideshow Collectibles. Legolas is the third statue to ship from the growing line of collectibles representing Sir Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.

Legolas is the son of Thranduil, King of the Elves of Mirkwood. During the early stages of the War of the Ring he would be sent to Rivendell for The Council of Elrond where the fate of the Ring of Power would be decided. Eventually, Legolas would be chosen to represent the race of Elves as The Fellowship goes upon its journey to destroy the Ring of Power. The Elf would go on to form a great bond with the Dwarf Gimli who should be the next statue to ship from Sideshow. This representation of Legolas brings us his look from The Two Towers and more specifically during the battle Helm’s Deep.


The packaging for the Legolas Statue is quite sharp and has a Middle-Earth vibe to it. Design wise the box is done the same as the Gandalf the Grey box. The front of the box is black with The Lord of the Rings in gold and Legolas in Green. The box besides being black also has hints of green in it to match the color of Legolas outfit. Both sides of the box show pictures of the statue with the same text and the back of the box is the same as the front. Inside the box the Styrofoam is laid out as to make sure your statue gets to you intact.


Trevor Grove is the amazing young sculptor at Sideshow Collectibles is responsible for one of the best Legolas statues you will ever see. Mr. Grove’s skill is quiet evident in his ability to not only capture the likeness of Orlando Bloom, but also the elegance that the Elves like Legolas possessed. There is an amazing flow to this piece and you can feel that the Legolas on screen and in Midddle-Earth could have done such a pose.

What I love about the detail captured in the outfit of this piece is that it’s the gear from Helm’s Deep. This particular look has only been captured previously in a Legendary Scale Bust (also instock now) from Sideshow Collectibles so its awesome to have a full statue of this look. The leather shoulder pauldrons look like they are leather. Another very impressive thing about the pauldrons is the details in them capturing the elegant stitch work seen in the movie. The rest of the outfit isn’t without eye-catching detail. The mixture of cloth and more leatherwork is no less impressive and when even looked at up close comes across as very well done. Not to be outdone is the arrow quiver with the peacock and how exceptional it looks.

Legolas, much like Gandalf did comes with switch out parts to give you a totally different display. The extras you get are two bows, two swords, and extra sword handles assuming you order the exclusive of his statue. The two bows look like they’re wood these blew me away as much as anything with this piece, and the detail in the swords is an achievement with how complex they look. Overall, this is probably the most complex work in the three statues so far and Mr. Grove pulled it off to perfection.


The paintwork on Legolas is really very well done and one I think collectors will be more than happy with. Skin tone could be an issue but the work done here did not miss a beat and captured the way the Elf looked during the Helm’s Deep sequences nicely. The hair is also really fantastic and when looked at up close shows great detail captured within that particular area of this statue.

In order to capture the detail Legolas had in his outfit the work must be done on a high level. Well, mission accomplished because there is no detail lost within this collectible. The cloth parts are painted to work with the sculpt in order to look like cloth, and all the leatherwork comes out looking like leather. Finally, the intricate details within the swords, bows, and vembraces are done in stunning fashion to make them looks like their real life counterparts.


In the traditional sense statues don’t have accessories but you can count the swap out parts as accessories. That’s one of the great things about switch out parts is they give you multiple ways to display these great pieces. So be pleased that we get some great accessories with these pieces.


Legolas comes in with a price tag of $225 for both the regular and exclusive editions. It doesn’t matter which way you go this piece is a winner and worth the value of the price tag. This is even truer when you see the level of detail, paint, and awesomeness put into this piece. This is the Legolas collectible you have been waiting for to add to you’re The Lord of the Rings collection, so do not hesitate to get on the Wait List for the exclusive or get the regular on order.  [Purchase Direct from]


The edition size of the exclusive version of Legolas is 350 pieces worldwide and 750 pieces for the regular edition. Legolas is 14″ high x 9″ wide x 8″ long and will weigh 15 pounds.


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