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A few months ago, message board member Moahunter alerted us to a posting over at Johnson&Laird that listed an actor named Ray Henwood as playing the role of “Old Bellringer” in The Hobbit, a role that has subsequently been changed to “Net Mender“. To our purely speculative minds, both roles seem to have been crafted with a common intent – to have a man who sees Smaug’s firelight coming down the river from the North and alerts the people of Laketown.

As a piece of trivia, this is the same actor who played the character Erland in The Fellowship of the Ring, where he was present at the Council of Elrond as a Dale Counselor, the Advisor of Brand, son of Bain, son of Bard. More geeky information along with images can be found here.

Anyway, digging for more information on the same site brought something else of interest to our notice.

An actor named Robin Kerr has seemingly been cast in the role of Elros. We don’t suppose this is the character who, according to the books, is Elrond’s brother (who wasn’t an Elf anyway).

We feel rather that the name Elros is just being reused for a hero Elf, similar to how the name Morwen was used for a woman of Rohan in The Two Towers.

What do you think of all this? Feel free to share your thoughts on our message boards.


  1. Re the Elros character, I don’t have a problem with it, since it’s unlikely that anyone will ever make a movie based on the Silmarillion.

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