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Collecting The Precious – Ringwraith on Steed Statue Preview

October 19, 2011 at 3:30 pm by elessar  - 

Today, via their Facebook page Sideshow Collectibles has released a video of an upcoming Ringwraith Statue. In the video, we get a glimpse of the steed portion of the statue in production, and not much else. If this is a mounted piece, it will be a welcome return to the very popular Sideshow/Weta mounted statues from the early 2000s. The concept art shown in the video implies we will see just that. One question is will this end up joining the premium format line or the maquette line. Let’s hope we find out during the Spooktacular Event which starts next Monday, October 24th. [View the Teaser]

Posted in Collectibles, Fellowship of the Ring, Lord of the Rings, LotR Books, LotR Movies, Movie Fellowship of the Ring, Movie Return of the King, Movie The Two Towers, Return of the King, Sideshow Collectibles, The Two Towers on October 19, 2011 by Source: Sideshow Collectibles Collecting The Precious – Ringwraith on Steed Statue Preview | Discuss
Thranduil Statue

2 responses to “Collecting The Precious – Ringwraith on Steed Statue Preview”

  1. BuckyUnderbelly says:

    Judging by the size of the horse’s head in the video, compared to the painter’s hand, I don’t think there’s any chance this could be a maquette.  It appears to be in at least 1/4 scale, which is FAR bigger than the 1/6 scale of the maquette line.

    I think the real question here is actually whether it’ll be considered a Premium Format Figure or a Legendary Scale Figure.  Premium Format Figures are almost all approximately 1/4 scale but the Legendary Scale Figures seem to be in a variety of scales.  (With the LSF line, they seem to shoot for a consistent statue size, rather than scale.)

    So why does the classification matter?  Because the LSF line seems to be about five or six times more expensive! 

    So I’m certainly hoping this is a PF!

  2. Mark says:

    This teaser is for the Premium Format Ringwraith on Steed. The Production Peek video title is: “Dark Rider of Mordor – Ringwraith and Steed Premium Format Figure”. However, there is also a Ringwraith polystone statue being released during Sideshow’s Spooktacular event Oct 24 – 31.

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