While security-related incidents haven’t been as common in recent months as they were earlier this year, when we learned about games and game-related websites being hacked on what felt like an almost daily basis, these things do still happen. Turbine has notified The Lord of the Rings Online players that the official forums may have been hacked recently and suggested they take precautions to minimize the potential impact.

In an email sent out to users last night users were told, “Turbine is concerned that a third-party recently may have attempted to access forum account information.” It says it doesn’t believe accounts were modified or compromised; regardless, it would be wise for users to change their LOTRO forum passwords to one that isn’t used elsewhere. (That’s a tip which should be followed with every password you make, especially in light of how many things have been hacked this year.) It sounds as if this incident took place on or prior to October 11, as it notes that if you’ve changed your password since that date you have nothing to worry about. More..