Big Fan writes: It was stupendous. It was, for me, a dream come true. To hear it live was exhilirating, to watch the musicians was inspiring. I always knew it was complex composition, but to watch the string players do what they do, with this music, for such a prolonged period of time, without missing a note, was awe-inspiring. I loved it when the music swelled to the point of drowning out the dialogue.

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The “Hobbits’ Understanding” brought, as usual, the tears running down my face. I didn’t want it to end. The audience was really, really into it, which made me happy, too. Lots and lots of cheering, starting with the opening sounds of The History of the Ring, to the close of the film. Really and truly — an amazing, live experience.

I am SO glad it came to where I live. Thank you, THANK YOU, Howard Shore and musicians, soloists, and conductor for sharing your talents with the rest of us. I also enjoyed seeing some of the props, especially Sam’s feet and ears, and Aragorn’s sword (not the Flame of the West; I think Viggo has that one). Gosh what a night!!! I cannot say how lucky and privileged I feel to have been able to experience this music up close and in person.