Staffer Kristin Thompson has written from the road with a great giveaway item and a hot rumor. Expect this TORn exclusive to heat up the internet today but it seems the spy network has checked in. Kristin says:

“At MIPCOM, a television trade show held in Cannes on October 3 to 6, this great bag with an image of Bilbo was being given away. It’s trademarked by New Line Cinema and MGM. Rumor has it that a few minutes of footage from THE HOBBIT were also screened!”

MIPCOM is an entertainment and television showcase that is attended by around 12,000 industry people in Cannes, France each year. Industries that include TV, film and digital content from both the distribution and production side of things get together to decide trends, make deals, shake hands and see cool stuff before the rest of the world.

It also helps inform buyers and distributors about content rights on a global scale, which is just the kind of thing MGM and Warner Bros. would be doing one year before The Hobbit hits theaters. And, with confidentiality agreements signed and professionals (not press) making up the audience, I feel pretty confident insiders have now seen rough Hobbit footage. Anybody, including studio executives who want to update or correct us with more information, please hit us at Thanks Kristin!