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Guillermo writes foreword for new book of weird tales

October 4, 2011 at 8:57 pm by MrCere  - 

TORn friend and The Hobbit co-writer Guillermo del Toro has written a forward to a new book just released with the works of Arthur Machen from Wales. He was a journalist, tutor and later found literary success with his best known story “The Great God Pan.”

That story isn’t part of this collection from Penguin Classics called, The White People and Other Weird Stories, said by del Toro to be a crucial step forth in the further canonization of one of the best weird fantasy writer ever. Those who enjoy GDT’s works and influences will want to check this out. Machen is also credited with influencing Peter Straub, Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell and Karl Edward Wagner. His stories, many of them now over a century old, cross boundaries of early horror, supernatural and fantasy fiction.

Posted in Guillermo Del Toro on October 4, 2011 by
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4 responses to “Guillermo writes foreword for new book of weird tales”

  1. JonD02 says:

    I would prefer to not see updates on Guillermo del Toro on It was a mistake for Peter Jackson to bring him on board early on for the Hobbit and he was rightfully pushed out either by Jackson or the studios. I know you read his interview that was posted on TORN and read all of his terrible ideas for The Hobbit. I’m sure none of them made it to the final draft. Guillermo del Toro is so far from the type of person Tolkien was I’m shocked Jackson ever let him on the production. Remember when The Lord of the Rings came out and he said he didn’t care about little people with furry feet? I hope someday Jackson will apologize for making him the temporary director. Hopefully Del Toro won’t appear on the credits for The Hobbit. Del Toro basically wanted to make the Hobbit into his dream project, the one about monsters that are shape-shifters. He said that he wanted Smaug’s shape to turn into a flying battle axe over Lake Town. That is such a bad idea. Maybe that’s why he was attracted to the project, because of Beorn. I can’t be the only one that sees that Del Toro was awful for the Hobbit, am I? I know Jackson came from a horror/B movie past and became an amazing director, but why should we believe that the same thing could happen with Del Toro? I love TORN, but please, we don’t need to hear about Del Toro.

  2. Lmcpferreira says:

    “forward” or “foreword” ?

  3. Someone says:

    You mention a bunch of authors he inspired…yet you somehow missed H. P. Lovecraft? Come on, man!

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