Here at the TORn chat we’ve just had our own movie marathon, but now you can do it all over again — well, the ROTK EE at least!

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North development team are having a viewing of the ROTK EE today starting at 2pm PDT and running until 6pm EDT — and they’ll be doing it live with us from our TORn chat. If, like the Snowblind Studios team, you’re just looking for an excuse to watch The Lord of the Rings, then come and join us! (HINT: that’s about 10 minutes from now!)

Chat with the game developers, participate in trivia, and win prizes! Can’t make it right at 2pm? Be fashionably late, jump and in whenever! We’ll be giving regular updates letting you know where we are in the movie.

*Please note that — as with our movie marathon — we will not be streaming the film, but we encourage all fans to watch it locally (on your own tv, or computer) while we chat.*

We’re done! Thanks to everyone who joined and made it such a great success!