Thanks to Ringer Kookie for pointing us to a great interview with Evangeline Lilly (Tauriel in The Hobbit) from SFX. In the interview, Lilly talks about her time commitments, learning elvish, archery, swordplay, and just how long she’s been a Tolkien fan.

When you played Kate you were always doing physical scenes and stunts. How are you prepping for The Hobbit?

“With every film, you have to educate yourself on the material and it’s often things you don’t know a lot about. Right now I’m studying Elvish and having conversations with people about learning how to be an archer, a swordsperson and how to fight like an elf instead of a gritty convict.” [Laughs]

Did you have any reservations about joining The Hobbit cast?

“With The Hobbit, it was a no-brainer because I have been a fan of those books since I was 13-years-old.”

Check out the rest of the interview at the SFX Website. [Read More]