is planning a road trip to DragonCon 2011 in Atlanta GA, and we are looking for a few financial sponsors to make it happen! The plan is to leave Los Angeles on Aug 30th, shoot up to Salt Lake City, and then direct non-stop (except for bathroom breaks) to DragonCon! The best part is we’ll be LIVE the entire time on, thanks to an amazing new piece of technology that should keep us connected the entire trip. If you would like to sponsor our efforts (gas, food, etc), please email us directly at It is a great opportunity to get your company out in front of a worldwide Tolkien audience, and participate in a worldwide first – We believe this is the first time anyone has streamed LIVE across the country!


  1. mccoy

    LOL. So, like, yeah. I want to go to Dragon Con too. If anyone wants to also pay my way that would be great. Thanks. I could cover the event. Yeah, er…cover the event…because otherwise news will not get out. And I’ll wear a LOTR shirt promoting Tolkien for everyone. Sound like a plan?

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